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Sensual Initiation Immersion: June 11-18, 2022 Costa Rica

Dearest sister, welcome to your divine initiation... 


This is your sacred invitation to drop deep into your sovereign self, 


This is your sacred invitation to reclaim your sensuality and activate the feminine frequencies that have always been stored within your womb and body. 


This is your divine initiation to reclaim your pleasure and reconnect to your feminine center

Together we will drop deep into sisterhood, sacred connection, and our divine senses, so that you may embody your sacred sexuality.


In many cultures and ancient Priestess Lineages, women would come together in sacred ritual to learn from each other how to open their sensuality, attune their energies and cultivate their sexual energy. 


Over time, modern day religion distorted many of these sacred teachings around sexuality, and as a result our society has lost these initiations.


If you are reading this, I know you feel the deep call within you, she’s been whispering within you for some time now… that something within you is awakening.


The intention of this sensual awakening retreat is to bring back these sacred feminine rituals, allowing you to feel embodied and fully embracing your divinely feminine nature. It will be deep, playful, and transformative. 

This will be our second of this experience, and words simply cannot explain the magnitude of what we all experienced at the last one. And we anticipate the potency to grow each and every time...

Your Facilitators...

Screen Shot 2022-04-04 at 10.49.26 AM.png

Feminine Embodiment Coach, Earth Witch, and initiate in the Rose lineage

Kendall’s personal mission is to support a collective Re-membering. To specifically support women in remembering their innate power and wisdom. To guide people to remember the interconnection we have with the Earth and with Magick.

@iamkendallnichole on IG

Feminine Embodiment Guide & Facilitator

Stephanie is passionate in empowering women to reconnect to their internal wisdom, power and intuition . She loves activating women to feel embodied, sensual and alive. At the core of her work, she is devoted to empowering women to remember and reclaim who they truly are... before the stories and programmings came in. 


@iamstephanieberk on IG


Flow of the Week...

*Note,  This is all subject to change, based on what we are guided and the energy of the group as it comes together. Some of the examples below are based on the last retreat (which was half the length of this one)

Saturday the 11th: Arrival Day

Arrival and syncing into the land

Opening Ceremony

Sunday: Clearing & Attuning

Morning practices

Temezcal (sweat lodge) to clear, release, and attune to the land

Uncovering the roots - rooting into our perineum and the roots of our sensuality story 

Monday: Dark Goddess & Alchemical Release

Releasing old stories, roundings, or traumas associated with the embodiment of our sensuality

Exploring self victimization and shame

Rewiring father/mother wounds

Exploring the dark goddess archetype (our wild within) to reclaim our power

Tuesday: The Womb & Our Erotic Nature

Womb rituals

Reclaiming our womb connection to Gaia

Erotic Dance Temple

Sensorium (a sensual exploration night with our sisters)


Rest and integration 

Nude Photoshoot 

Relaxation time

Thursday: Creatrix  Codes- Cultivation of Sexual Energy

Practices in being witnessed by your sisters 

Jade Egg practices 

Connection exercises

Yoni Puja

Friday: Sensual Initiation Celebration

​Celebrations of abundance + sex magick

Crowning Ceremony

Cultivating + Activating everything from the week &

surprise sensual initiation closing

Saturday the 18th: Departure day

Breakfast and final goodbyes

Other daily experiences may include: 

  • Daily tea ceremony for energetic attunement

  • Kundalini practices

  • Qi Gong practices

  • Belly dance class

  • Rapeh Tobbaco Medicine ceremony

  • Land communion

  • Fire ceremony and song circle


What's Included...

  • Accommodations Saturday the 11th through the 18th

  • 3 healthy, organic meals per day made with ingredients from the local Farmer's market (except arrival and departure days - dinner on arrival and breakfast on departure)

  • Tea and coffee service all day

  • All circles, workshops, and classes during the retreat

  • Shuttle from the airport and to the airport (only if leaving to the airport Sat the 18th in the morning)

  • Group call before the retreat start date 

  • Group integration call after the retreat ends

  • Access to all facilities at Finca Mia (the yoga deck, the saltwater pool, the river, the juice bar etc.)

The Investment

​Shared luxury accommodation: $3,333
Solo luxury accommodation: $3,888
Solo eco cabin: $3,666

*Once you apply, if it feels like a good fit you will be able to place a $555 deposit. Payments can be made over the coming months, or you can pay it all at once in May. This gives spaciousness to allow it all to unfold.

After we receive your application, we can also hop on a call if you would like to answer any questions and explore any resistances that may arise.

You have the options to pay in full, or pay in multiple payments up until the retreat date. And if a custom payment plan is needed or money is the only thing holding you back, we invite you to still apply and let's see what we can work out.

If you have questions, or just want to chat to feel into if this is right for you and talk through what's coming up for you, we can set up a short 15-min call to answer any questions and explore any resistances without pressure or obligation. Please go ahead and fill out the application and I will reach out with a call link. This helps us to have more of a feel for you and where you're at.