Work with me...


This is the highest level & most intimate way to work with me.

At the core of my work, I empower you to come back to your deepest and truest layer of you.

The you that your soul came here to be.

No more bullshit.

Together over the next 3 months, we unravel any programmings & past stories / beliefs using various modalities from somatic, mindset, embodiment, and energetic to rewrite the narrative and ultimately accelerate and activate your deepest level of transformations.


My absolute FAVORITE. There is something so so magical in bringing women together in person to co-create the most transformational retreat spaces. I offer various retreat immersions around the world, and so if you're desiring in person immersions, sisterhood & transformational experiences in the realms of feminine embodiment, sacred sexuality & reclaiming your pleasure & power, then this is for you...


This is for someone who wants to book session by session (as opposed to a 3 month package). Each call is 1.5 hour and in that time we dive deep into exactly what it is you're desiring to heal & transform, working together by looking at the core wound / cause of this, and from that space is how we alchemize it. These types of sessions can be both online or in person (I am nomadic by nature and so please reach out to see my current whereabouts and we can move forward with booking in person from there).